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Searching for the right diamond online can be a treacherous and arduous task, especially with the state of distrust and deception on the internet today. Fortunately, we at BuyDiamond.com have dedicated ourselves to helping people just like you!  Our experience in the industry as well as extensive research makes us your handy resource on finding a diamond ring, earring, necklace or jewellery in your preferred style and at the right budget!

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Our experts have spent the time vetting and reviewing the various retailers you can find online – these are our top recommended diamond stores online! These diamond retailers are guaranteed to be trustworthy and will ensure you get the best quality diamonds at the most reasonable prices!


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Leibish & Co.

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Educate yourself! When looking for high quality diamonds and diamond jewellery online, you have to familiarise yourself with the four main factors which affect the quality of a diamond – Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity. These four points will determine the price you pay and how valuable the diamond is. Make sure you know your stuff so that you can get the best quality diamonds for the right price!


The Cut of a diamond refers to the level of craftsmanship given to the diamond, and effects the level of shine and shimmer to the gemstone.

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The Carat of the diamond refers to the final weight of the diamond. The bigger the carat, the heavier and more valuable the stone is.

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The Colour of the diamond refers to the natural shade and transparency of the gemstone. In diamonds, the less colour it has, the better.

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The Clarity of the diamond refers to how little imperfections and blemishes that may affect the light shining through the gemstone.

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