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Our Story

We are a small team of passionate and enthusiastic professionals who have found ourselves more or less thrust into the world of diamonds before we knew it. BuyDiamond.com has its roots as an online diamond retailer, with our small team of diamond experts on call. However, circumstances have led us to switching our business model from retailing to being an affiliate site.

Armed with our knowledge of the diamond industry, and also our insider contacts, we were poised to leverage our position in the market as consultants who can help visitors and people in search of diamonds like you. We have found our calling and saw that it was more intrinsically rewarding to help others navigate the difficult task of finding a trustworthy and reputable diamond seller online.

Our beginnings may be humble and rather unintentional, but the knowledge we have gained over the years is real. That’s why we are very confident that we are able to help you to find the very best diamond to suit your needs!

Why trust us?

Our reputation is important to us. We know that by giving people the best and most objective advice, the goodwill gained is far greater than skimming someone over a small sale. Furthermore, we have come from humble beginnings, and are very aware of how sleazy and disgusting some parts of the industry can be. That is why we want to stand out as a paragon of trustworthiness and honesty, and showing you that it is possible to find a diamond retailer online painlessly and without any drama!

So rest assured, we are here to help you and make you make the best purchase of your lifetime. Help us help you. Contact us in the contact form below, and we will get you started on your search for diamonds!

Let us help you find your perfect diamond!