A Guide to Fancy Coloured Diamonds

2018-12-16T21:31:06+00:0014th December 2018|Education|

Diamonds are found in the earth’s crust in different colours including yellow, blue, orange, green, red, violet and many more. Chemically pure diamonds are pure white in colour. There are two reasons why diamonds are found in various colours:

1. Presence of any impurities in the diamond.

2. Structural defects in the diamond.

The yellow colour of the diamond is due to the presence of nitrogen atoms. The extent of the yellow hue in the diamonds depends upon the number of nitrogen atoms.

The cause for each colour is different, green diamonds get their colour due to radiation. Yellow diamonds get their colour due to the existence of nitrogen molecules, which absorb blue light. This impurity is also what gives orange diamonds their colour.

The presence of any impurity leads to the formation of coloured diamond. Impurities refer to any other element other than carbon atoms. Different colours are due to the bonding of different elements. For example bonding of boron with carbon leads to the formation of blue coloured diamonds.

The second reason for the formation of coloured diamonds is the presence of any kind of structural defects in the diamond. Red and Pink coloured diamonds are the rarest and are formed due to the presence of structural defects.

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