A Guide to Fancy Cut Diamonds

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When it comes to buying fancy cut diamonds, the selection process for a well cut diamond can quickly overwhelm a first time shopper. This is because fancies are very difficult to define using proportion parameters and there are various factors which affect their appearance.

In this write up, I’m going to show you the exact steps to cherry picking the best diamond within your budget and where to get the best value for your money when buying a fancy shaped diamond ring.

2 Reasons Why Well Cut Fancy Shape Diamonds Are So Difficult to Buy

Unlike round diamonds, the GIA grading reports for fancy shape diamonds do not contain a cut grade which provides an indication of its light performance. This is the primary reason why many beginners find it hard to assess diamonds as there is no reference or cut grading system to help in decision making.

If you’ve done some research, you might had come across tables of recommended proportions for the various shapes with guidelines for table % or depth %. The thing is, tables and figures like these are only useful as a “first screen” and the criteria listed are not cast in stone.

The second reason is that the majority of fancy shaped diamonds in the market are poorly cut and your chances of finding a well cut diamond in a store is very slim.

To make matters worse, the special lighting employed by jewelry stores are designed to make even the poorest cut diamonds sparkle. This is the main reason why some diamonds seem to lose their sparkle and look totally different once they are out of the store.

With that said, don’t get your hopes too high. Even if your local jeweler does carry inventory of a certain fancy shape you are interested in buying, they usually hold a very limited stock with few choices (and probably badly cut ones) for you to choose from.

The truth is, the odds of finding a well-cut diamond are stacked against the general shopper who has limited experience and knowledge. To make rational decisions, you’ll require additional data and tools to help you determine the light performance and optics.

Reputable vendors like James Allen make it really easy for you to SEE and analyze diamonds for performance. They do this through the use of HD magnified videos and by providing tangible data.

The #1 Mistake That Consumers Make When Buying a Diamond Ring

The biggest mistake that you can make when shopping for a diamond ring is to “buy blind” and that means you make a purchase based solely on a grading report and nothing else.

Let me illustrate this with an example. Imagine you are shopping for a cushion cut diamond and come across a particular diamond that meets your budget and specifications on a website or via a recommendation from your local jeweler.

Now, you are only given information based on a GIA lab report.

On paper, everything might appear OK and the stone might seem to be a decent choice. Now, if you were to go ahead to make the purchase thinking that you made a great buy, imagine how you would feel if you opened up the parcel and saw something totally bad?

Contrary to what you may think, the phenomenon of buying diamonds blind occurs regularly in physical brick and mortar stores as well.

For reasons I stated about having very limited inventory on hand, most local jewelers attempt to work around this by offering to bring in a diamond based on your desired specifications.

They do this by requesting full payment upfront or imposing a shipping fee or requiring a non-refundable deposit before you can “see” the diamond in person. What happens here is that all the RISK is placed on you and they simply “buy” the diamond blind on your behalf.

It’s silly if you think shopping in a physical store in this manner would give you the peace of mind you think you are getting.

Sadly, that’s how the majority of uneducated diamond shoppers actually buy their engagement rings. It perplexes me how people can spend thousands of hard earned dollars without evening “seeing” the diamond. It’s not very smart at all.

Where Are the Best Places to Buy Fancy Cut Diamonds?

The key to choosing a fancy cut diamond is to be able to see and review the diamond for its appearance and brilliance. The best way to do this is to go online and work with vendors who provide tangible data and offer a sizable inventory for you to cherry pick from.

Now, I want you to get this straight. I’m not referring to the bad online retailers where they only list an inventory of stones and expect you to make a selection based solely on the information extracted from grading reports.

Instead, I would recommend shopping at some of the best vendors in the world that offer HD videos and analytical data for their listings. The ideal choice of vendor is James Allen for all types of fancy shape diamonds.

Why Do We Recommend These Online Diamond Retailers?

Here’s why… Every diamond is uniquely different and no 2 diamonds are alike even if they share the same exact specifications on a grading report. When it comes to fancy cuts, subtle differences in clarity and cut can make or break a deal.

This is where vendors like James Allen stand out compared to traditional businesses in the industry.

They feature magnified HD videos of every single stone in their inventory. The user-friendly video technology enables you to inspect their diamonds in far greater details than you ever would at any other physical jeweler.

With this feature itself, they have made it so much easier for you to navigate their inventory, select and shortlist possible candidates for purchase.

Besides having lower prices, one of the main advantages of going online is the huge selection of diamonds that can be made available to you at the click of a few mouse buttons. Instead of the usual 1 or 2 options you can get at your local store based on your required specifications, online vendors can easily allow access to more than 100s of stones for you to pick from.

Reliable online vendors like James Allen operate around a business model that puts customer experiences as their top priority. This guarantees a safe, reliable and risk-free shopping experience.

6 Simple Steps to Shopping for a Fancy Cut Diamond

Step #1 – Use search tool to filter diamonds based on your budget / 4Cs.

Step #2 – Inspect diamond for eye-cleanliness and shape appeal with the videos.

Step #3 – Cherry pick and choose the best stone based on tangible data!

As a recap, we recommend James Allen for all types of fancy shape diamonds!

For new and inexperienced diamond shoppers, I know this article might be a handful of information to digest. But if you think about it, this is really the best method to go about shopping for a great looking stone.

For a purchase that would cost thousands of dollars, I am sure you want it to be the best possible one that is based on solid tangible information. So, take a deep breath and take your time to review and understand the entire process again if need be.

If you encounter any problems or want to save yourself the hassle of picking out your own stones, drop us an email with your budget and other relevant details. we will be glad to help you shortlist some diamonds.

When you are ready to shop, we highly recommend that you start your search at James Allen. Once you experience their video technology for yourself, you’ll see why they are like no other vendors and why they have tons of customers raving about their service.