Evaluating Your Diamond Prices

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Pricing most fast consumer goods is quite easy. Just try to figure out how much does it cost to procure a diamond, to promote the diamond jewelry, and then add a tolerance level up by 15 – 30% or even more. This might sound very easy, but in reality pricing precious diamonds is not that easy. There are several factors that are to be considered at the time of pricing your diamond jewelry.

At the very first instant, diamond jewelry prices are established by adding the price of the rough diamond gemstone, the price of cutting the diamond gemstone, and all other charges essential to turn the hard diamond right into a salable precious gemstone.

To determine the carat of the diamond, an independent gemological institute may be contacted to approve the standard of diamonds based on weight, color, cut, and clarity. At this point, diamonds have become high-priced each time it is altered, until it ultimately reaches the diamond retailer, where the price may be raised a little bit more.

Just before reaching the hands of the diamond merchant, behind the scenes, a diamond must travel from the diamond mine, to the diamond cutter, to the self-governing diamond grading institutes, and then on the key marketplace. Once the diamonds arrive at the primary marketplace, it would most likely be obtained by precious gemstone dealers and wholesale suppliers, and after that it will be distributed to diamond jewelry showrooms.

As we discussed earlier, the sooner we buy a diamond gemstone in the process, the lower will be the cost of the diamond gemstone although it may not the worthy enough. The worthiness is dependent on exactly what the precious gemstone will cost in the consumer market through a diamond merchant. If you have diamond jewelry, and if you simply have no idea how much it is worth the price, you can have it evaluated, even though the evaluation may not be precise.

You’ll be better off obtaining a certificate of authenticity from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). With the information about your diamond jewelry mentioned in this certificate, you can figure out precisely how much real worth is your precious diamonds. In addition, there are numerous online gemstone carat weight calculators available on the internet. These can give you accurate information based on the diamond quality and weight.

You have to realize, nonetheless, that before you can precisely find out the price of your diamond jewelry, without any accredited GIA certificate or grading, you need to know a good deal in relation to diamond gemstones. For example various cuts, clarity, color, and weighting – and the ways in which each and every aspect of these can increase or depreciate the value your diamond jewelry.

Again, you will be much better if you get a diamond graded certificate on your purchased diamond jewelry, and use that facts check out the pricing available in the consumer market. It will give you the most accurate value of your purchased diamond jewelry.

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