The Most Beautiful Diamond Necklaces in 2019

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Best Anniversary Gifts on a Budget

It’s almost that time of the year again! You’ve got it clearly recorded on your calendar, and you’re getting ready to surprise her with an anniversary gift that is sure to show her how much you love her. You want to get her something that will solidify the great relationship you have over the course of your marriage, letting her know justĀ  how much she really means to you. However, we still have to live in reality. Sometimes we have to plan for the future, and in doing so, we have to do the responsible thing and adhere within the budget we have set for ourselves, in order to build a better and brighter future ahead. Marriage is, after all, a journey that encompasses your entire lifetime.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take out an unreasonable loan or even make an unreasonable expenditure just to get her something special. Below we have outlined a list of beautiful diamond necklaces which you can buy for your special person that is both sure to blow her mind and keep your budget in check – the best beautiful diamond necklaces available for sale under USD1,000.

Infinity – $290

Infinity Diamond Necklace

The amount of love you have for her can never be quantified – you love her more than you can say. Your love is practically infinite, and this necklace is the perfect way to symbolise that feeling. Made out of 14K white gold and decorated with sparkling diamonds, this necklace pendant’s design is perfectly symmetrical and balanced, as all things should be. Show her how deep your love is by giving her this elegant and meaningful infinity pendant.

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Diamond Bar – $540

Diamond bar rose gold necklace

Is she an elegant, classy lady? Do the two of you frequently attend formal events? This 14K rose gold sleek diamond bar necklace will be the perfect fit for her. The sleek yet elegant design will accentuate her aura in a calm and subtle way, exuding an energy that matches hers without being gaudy. The rose gold tint will subtly blend into her skin and will further emphasise her beauty.

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Gold Art Deco – $580

14K Yellow Gold Art Deco Diamond Necklace

Has she got a taste for the more retro styles? Show her you understand her appreciation for times that have gone past and you are willing to join her in reliving those memories with this 14K yellow gold art deco inspired marquise diamond cluster necklace. The yellow gold brings forth a feeling of appreciation for tradition, and the rustic design is sure to bring about a sense of nostalgia for designs of old. There is much to be said about a woman that is able to appreciate nostalgia, and this necklace will help you say it to her.

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Open Heart Diamond – $530

Open Heart Diamond Pendant Necklace

Sometimes it is better to get straight to the point and keep it simple. What better way to show love than to give her a heart? This 14K white gold open heart diamond necklace features a delicate heart design studded with diamonds, perfectly describing what you feel for her. It is sure to look cute on her.

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Diamond Disc – $700

Diamond Disc Rose Gold Necklace

Sometimes you have just got to stand out from the crowd. Wow her with something unique that most people would not expect. This 14K rose gold diamond disc necklace comes with a dual disc design, one with a solid rose gold disc and another with diamonds. This bold design shows her that there is always two in a relationship, a solid reliable base, and a beautiful supplement. She is sure to appreciate the way it will stand out and make things pop.

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