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Blue Nile is the largest and one of the best online diamond retailers in the market today. It hosts a staggeringly large inventory of high quality diamonds at amazingly competitive prices. As a long-running veteran in the online diamond retailing industry, Blue Nile has earned its place as one of the best sites available when you are looking to buy diamonds on the internet. With its brand new technology allowing you to view diamonds in high definition 360°, and its competitive business model – Blue Nile offers you the best in customer service while maintaining its responsibility as a corporate citizen by offering only ethically sourced diamonds that are graded by the GIA. The only drawback is that the inventory can be overwhelmingly huge. However, you can always contact us and we will help you decide on a diamond that is perfect for your budget and occasion!

History of a Titan

The origins of Blue Nile was rooted in 1995, in the infancy of the modern internet, before it was even called Blue Nile. Mark C Vadon, one of the founders, was inspired when he made a purchase for an engagement ring online. Realising that the internet was the future of the diamond industry, Mark lept into action. And thus, the titan today known as Blue Nile was born.

Today, based in Seattle, Washington, Blue Nile stands as the largest online retailer of high quality GIA certified diamonds on the internet.

An Innovative Business Model

The Seattle-based Blue Nile utilises a back-then novel idea: that an online retailer does not need to physically keep stock in its inventory in order to make sales. Blue Nile partners with its vast network of diamond wholesalers and lists their available diamonds in its own inventory, bypassing the need to preemptively purchase and stock diamonds in its own warehouse. Only after a customer has selected and purchased a diamond on its site will Blue Nile order the desired diamond from its supplier and ship it over to their own contracted ring setters. After a round of vigorous quality control, the final product is shipped over to the customer!

Utilising this method, Blue Nile is able to drastically reduce its overhead and pass on the savings to the customer, and is able to offer the customer diamonds that are 20% to 40% cheaper than competitors are able to offer for diamonds of the same quality!

While this business model is more or less the industry standard when it comes to diamond retailing on today’s modern internet, back in the heydays of the world wide web, this idea was innovative and groundbreaking – allowing Blue Nile to solidify its position as the largest and one of the best diamond retailers online!

A Massive Inventory

Leveraging its position as a long-standing, highly popular and innovative diamond retailing company, Blue Nile is able to host an astoundingly massive inventory of high quality diamonds – more than 200,000 diamonds are currently in stock and available for immediate purchase!

Furthermore, Blue Nile sticks to its commitment to quality by only stocking GIA certified diamonds. Each and every diamond you purchase will be certified and graded by the most trusted gemological institution in the industry, ensuring that you have an accurate measure of the 4C’s that are essential to determining the quality of a diamond – Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity. Your purchase at Blue Nile will always contain a grading certificate from the GIA labs, guaranteeing you the quality of their product.

Being a Titan of the diamond retailing industry, Blue Nile also takes full reign of its corporate social responsibility and ensures that each and every diamond in its massive stock is an ethically sourced, 100% conflict-free diamond. This allows you to rest assured that you are always purchasing a diamond that is obtained without harming people, the environment, or society. This extra step taken by the company is extremely progressive in this era of social justice, and we strongly applaud them for that.

The Blue Nile Web Experience

Blue Nile Home Page

As a fully online retailer of diamonds on the internet, a huge aspect of the shopping experience on Blue Nile will be focused on the usability of their website. While they may have lagged behind a few years ago since they are an ancient company (if you look at it in internet years), Blue Nile has taken this weakness and tackled it head-on. The company has recently revamped and modernised their website. The result? A brand new, modern experience.

The Blue Nile website now features a clean, stylish and minimalist web layout, with the most commonly accessed product lines in plain view upon landing on the website – diamonds, engagement rings, wedding rings, jewellery. To further help their customers with searching for the right diamond, Blue Nile also features a Gift Ideas for customers who are looking for inspiration, and Education for customers who wish to learn more about the products they are purchasing.

Blue Nile Search Interface

The web interface allows you to start your shopping journey the way you want. If you want to start off by choosing a diamond that looks great – you can sort them by the many options available: shapes featuring from round all the way to other fancy shapes such as princess, asscher, heart and many more, and of course, by price and the all-important 4C’s.

You can also start off by choosing the style and setting of your desired engagement or wedding ring – choosing from the various types of metals available, and various styles from multiple types of their highly-regarded designers. Stunned by the massive inventory? You can start off with their Gift Ideas section! This allows you to browse their top lists for various types of jewellery – wedding and engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and more. Or you can go through their lists of ideas based on the occasion – be it an anniversary, graduation, or a wedding party. With so many places to start, you are sure to find a path that is right for you.

The modern Blue Nile website also features a diamond viewer that lets you view your chosen diamond in 360°. This allows you to check each and every diamond you have in mind to make sure that they are eye-clean and is up to your personal liking. You can read more about a diamond’s clarity and eye cleanliness here in our article about Diamond Clarity.

Value Added Services

As a forerunner in the online diamond retailing industry, Blue Nile stands by its products, from your online shopping experience all the way to after you have paid and the product has arrived at your doorstep.

While shopping for your diamond, you can always contact their customer service staff if you have any questions about any of the diamonds they have in stock. In this era of instant communication, any site worth its salt will have a 24/7 live chat service, and Blue Nile is no different, having their live chat service available with a click of the button on the bottom right corner of their website.

Blue Nile is strongly committed to the quality of its products and your shopping experience. They offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products – promising that all their products will be free of manufacturing defects, so you can rest assured that you are always protected. They also offer a free returns period of 30 days, showing that they are extremely confident in the quality of their diamonds, and giving you the peace of mind of always being satisfied with what you receive from them.

On top of all the other perks above, they also offer free shipping within the USA and free gift packaging. Their gift packaging may be free to you, but they still commit to their attention to detail and quality, and present you with gift boxes that are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about getting the wrong ring size as they offer free ring resizing for a whole year from the day of purchase. If you somehow smudged your diamond, Blue Nile also offers a complimentary cleaning and inspection service for your precious stone – all you have to do is pay for shipping!

The Drawback

Despite its many, many advantages, Blue Nile has one big drawback that we must talk about. This drawback is extremely obvious, and naturally comes with the nature of the company – the inventory size is massive, and many people will be overwhelmed by the huge amount of diamonds and ring settings and styles available to you. Analysis paralysis is a thing, and we understand how you feel. However, fret not! is here to help sort you out of this conundrum! Just shoot us a message, and let us know your budget and any preferences you may have (especially the occasion and the personality of the recipient of the purchase), and our resident diamond experts will give us the best advice we have to offer!


Blue Nile is an amazing place to start your diamond shopping journey. With its massive diamond inventory, and its clean and intuitive web shopping experience, you are sure to have a pleasant browsing experience. Thanks to its revamped website, you are now able to view the diamonds in high definition and at 360° so you can ensure eye-cleanliness of your desired diamonds. Their innovative business model allows you to source diamonds that are both GIA certified high quality diamonds, while keeping the prices low and competitive! Take a look at their website today, you will be amazed!

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  • Competitive prices
  • Excellent customer service


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