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James Allen is one of the top online diamond retailers on the market today. With their wide selection afforded to them by their innovative business model, they strive to be the best with their innovative 360° online diamond viewer and gorgeous array of ring settings. Coupled with their consumer-friendly return policy and lifetime warranty, as well as their after sales service – James Allen proves to be an amazing online diamond store to shop at, from the moment you load up their website to even long after you have received the diamond of your dreams. If you are in the market for a beautiful diamond wedding or engagement ring while wanting to get the best value for your money – you cannot go wrong with James Allen.

History of James Allen

Like many humble origin stories of diamond-related sites, James Allen also started with an engagement ring. At the dawn of the dot-com era, James, being an early adopter of the internet, was looking for an engagement ring to propose to his now-wife, Michele. After he had bought the beautiful engagement ring, he consulted with jewellers to appraise the value of the ring – and was surprised to discover that he had received a high-quality diamond for half the price it would have been in a brick and mortar store.

Together with Oded Edelman – who was born into a family with an eye for quality diamonds, Michele Sigler – his now-wife and also a person with at knack in customer service, as well as Dean Lederman – a diamond industry veteran with 20 years under his belt, the four joined forces to start off this titan in the online diamond retail industry.

Staying Competitive in the Internet Age

As James has discovered very early on, it is possible to buy diamonds at a price much cheaper than those listed at brick and mortar stores. Leveraging the power of the internet, the company has created a business model where they do not have to physically hold stock and limit their inventory like traditional brick and mortar stores. Instead, they have partnered up with countless diamond wholesalers, and through digital automation, dynamically lists all available stock from their wholesalers on their website. This allows them to maintain a much larger virtual inventory than traditional stores, while eliminating the cost of physically holding stock, passing on the savings to the consumer – you!

James Allen does much more than being a simple middleman, however! They have also taken extra steps to maximise the customer experience and satisfaction when shopping on their site. To ensure that customers know exactly what they are getting, James Allen has taken extra effort to document and photograph the quality diamonds, which can be viewed directly on their site, so you can personally check the diamonds in 360° and in High Definition from the comfort of your own home. This diamond viewer is so advanced that it provides you with a viewing experience even superior to viewing it through a traditional jeweler’s loupe, as you are able to magnify the image on your monitor as opposed to struggling through a tiny loupe. Furthermore, after you have ordered your diamond jewellery, the product is sent to James Allen’s offices for a final quality check to ensure you are receiving products of the right quality before the item is finally shipped over to you.

Quality Diamond Inventory

James Allen stocks an inventory of over 150,000 diamonds. Despite such a massive inventory, James Allen maintains their commitment to quality in respect to the 4C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. Thanks to their stringent quality control measures, you can be sure you are always getting the best your money can buy – ranging from their top-of-the-line and exclusive True Hearts quality of diamonds, all the way down to more budget-friendly Good quality diamonds. James Allen stands by the quality of their diamonds, and they will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase, as guaranteed by their 30-day return policy.

To further emphasise their commitment to quality, James Allen uses GIA and AGS grading reports to guarantee the quality of their diamonds. GIA and AGS are the two most trustworthy diamond grading institutions in the industry, and is used as an industry standard for grading diamond quality. With this, you can be certain that you are getting what you are paying for.

James Allen also only stocks ethical, conflict-free diamonds. As a supporter of corporate social responsibility, we are happy to hear that this online retailer goes out of its way to ensure that the diamonds they sell are ethically-sourced. Furthermore, the diamonds that they sell are 100% natural and untreated, ensuring that you get something unique and from the ground.

Online Shopping Experience

James Allen Front Page

As a fully online diamond retailer, James Allen has taken steps to ensure that your shopping experience when visiting the James Allen website is the most pleasant possible. Upon landing on their website, you are greeted with a minimalist and clean interface – with the categories of Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Loose Diamonds, Other Gemstones, and Other Fine Jewellery laid out clearly for you. They’ve even prepared an Education section to educate their customers on the facts of diamonds, so that they properly understand their products before committing! Their website user interface is extremely intuitive, and they have even prepared educational articles for those who are new to purchasing diamonds on the internet.

Their search tool is both easy to use, and at the same time highly customisable, allowing you a high amount of granularity in your search options – searching starting with price, ring settings, types of metals, or any of the 4C’s – cut, clarity, colour and carat. With this tool, you can start your search for the perfect diamond or diamond jewellery where you want to, through an intuitive set of steps rather than wrestling with the settings. Be sure to also check out their Inspiration Gallery, especially if you are overwhelmed by the choices available, and unable to decide where to start!

James Allen Diamond Viewer

Their online shop also offers a handy compare tool which allows you to select your shortlist of desired diamonds, and compare them side by side. Coupled with their 360° high definition diamond viewing tool, you can personally check the diamonds with your own eyes and see their eye-cleanliness before committing to a purchase! We have to emphasise once again the quality of their diamond viewer – it allows you to magnify the image of the diamond from any angle, and gives you a viewing experience far superior to looking at it through a tiny loupe, all from the comfort of your own home!

No self-respecting online shop is complete in the internet age without high quality customer service. The James Allen website also features a 24/7 live chat service. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can simply open up their live chat interface by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right of the screen, and you will immediately be connected to their customer service staff who will answer any questions you may have about that diamond you have your eye on!

After Sales Service

James Allen Ring Setting

Your first class experience with James Allen doesn’t just stop after you hit Checkout. Once you have ordered your diamond, diamond ring or diamond jewellery, the James Allen experience continues! James Allen offers free engraving services to customers who have purchased diamond ring settings from their website, perfect for customising that one special ring to show that one special message. It also goes without saying that if you purchase a loose diamond from their website, you are entitled to free ring setting service.

They also offer free shipping to all customers, with no minimum order requirements. James Allen stands by the quality of their diamonds, so if you are in any way not satisfied with the diamond or diamond jewellery you have purchased, you are fully covered under their 30-day return policy. Lost weight in order to get ready for that special day? You do not have to worry too much about getting the ring sizing wrong when you order! With James Allen, you are covered for 60 days with their free ring resizing policy!

What’s the Catch?

With us singing the praises of James Allen from beginning to end, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if you come out feeling a bit skeptical. To be fair, there are some minute issues when dealing with James Allen. Compared to their main competitor, Blue Nile, they have a smaller inventory. But this is because of their extremely stringent quality control, and as a result, they allow less diamonds into their inventory. They also mainly specialise in diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings, so while they still have a selection of other kinds of fine diamond jewellery, the selection is more limited. They also carry less of non-round diamonds and fancy coloured diamonds, so you may have to search elsewhere if that is what you’re looking for.

However, all-in-all, it’s hard to find much fault in such minor issues, especially since James Allen seems to have intentionally positioned itself to be on the forefront of the diamond wedding ring and diamond engagement ring market. And when it comes to that, they are certainly one of the best you can find.


James Allen is, without a doubt, one of the best online diamond retailers you can find. With their wide selection of diamond wedding rings and diamond engagement rings, as well as loose diamonds and other fine diamond jewellery, you are almost certain to find something to your heart’s desire. With their clean and intuitive web design, top-of-the-line 360° HD diamond viewer, top-notch customer service and commendable after sales service, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to shop for your diamonds or diamond rings online.

James Allen

9.7 James Allen


  • High quality inventory
  • Best Diamond Viewer on the Market
  • Excellent customer service


  • Less non-standard diamonds
Product Price
Inventory Quality
Customer Experience