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Being the largest wholesaler of diamonds of fancy cuts and colours, Leibish & Co differentiates itself from its competition with their many decades of expertise in setting and selling beautiful colourful diamonds with perfectly matching jewellery. Their inventory is filled with diamonds and diamond jewellery of many interesting shapes as well as exotic colours. They also hold some one-of-a-kind diamonds in stock, and is a strong participant in the highly exclusive annual Argyle Tender. While their inventory of clear diamonds are lacking compared to the likes of Blue Nile and James Allen, they are your number one choice if you are in the market for diamonds of fancy cuts and fancy colours.

You cannot go wrong with Leibish & Co if you are a fan of lively colours and beautifully cut shapes.

History of Leibish & Co

Leibish Polnauer

The story of Leibish & Co is one of perseverance, persistence and the will to succeed. In 1979, the polishing company where Leibish Polnauer was working at had suddenly shut down. With a stroke of luck, he had happened across the news that Gerrard & Co, a royal crown jeweller, was looking for a rare diamond.

Taking a leap of faith, Leibish paid out of his own pocket and travelled in search of that rare diamond. When he found a diamond that he believed that Gerrard’s would be satisfied with, he fronted the costs and brought it back. Leibish succeeded in selling Gerrard’s the diamond, and began to receive even more orders from the company – all which he fulfilled without fail. And thus began Leibish’s passion for fancy coloured diamonds.

In 1995, at the very beginning of the dot-com era, Leibish & Co started their online portal for selling their diamonds – this was one of the first, if not the first, online retailer for diamonds, and they have been flourishing ever since.

Leibish & Co has offices in New York, Israel and Hong Kong, and is proudly family owned – with integral parts of the business handled by Leibish’s sons.

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The Fancy Coloured Diamond Specialist

In the competitive industry of diamond trading and retailing, Leibish & Co stands out as the industry leader when it comes to their niche and speciality – fancy cut and fancy coloured diamonds. Most of the industry, including diamond behemoths like James Allen and Blue Nile, specialise in huge inventories of high quality colourless diamonds.

However, not everyone is looking for the classical colourless diamonds. Some of us have a taste for more exotic hues, and Leibish & Co is perfectly aware of that fact – making it their core business. Leibish & Co stocks a wide variety of diamonds in many shapes, sizes, clarities, hues and prices. All of their stocked fancy coloured diamonds are 100% natural and untreated – naturally mined around the world in places like Africa, India, Russia and Australia. Furthermore, they heavily participate in the prestigious and highly exclusive annual Argyle Tender, where they bid for the best and the rarest of fancy coloured diamonds to add to their massive inventory. They even stock some mesmerising one-of-a-kind diamonds for those who want the top tier in exclusivity when it comes to coloured diamond jewellery.

Fancy coloured diamonds on Leibish & Co

With this rarity of course comes a premium – however, Leibish & Co works hard to maintain competitive prices. Despite them stocking their own inventory (they own all the diamonds they list on their website), which is usually a negative when it comes to diamond retailers due to the overhead, Leibish & Co manages to keep costs low from sheer volume of their inventory – they are more of a wholesaler of fancy coloured diamonds, and with the volume of their inventory, they can afford to sell to you, the consumer, at razor-thin margins!

The quality of their inventory is also guaranteed by the GIA certificates they provide with each and every diamond they hold in their inventory – which clearly certify the Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat of each diamond. The GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, is an independent entity which grades diamonds, and is considered an industry accepted standard for specifying the quality of diamonds.

Leibish & Co is also a strong supporter of ethically sourcing their diamonds. All of their diamonds are 100% conflict-free, and guaranteed to come only from sources that also uphold this paradigm. If you are a humanitarian of sorts, you’ll be happy to know that, the company goes above and beyond and is also a supporter of the Sight Savers charity program, which helps fight avoidable blindness in 30 countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Website User Experience

Leibish & Co Website

The user experience on the Leibish & Co website is a pleasant one. With a neat and easy to navigate interface, the website clearly lists out the very first things one would naturally want to look for when shopping for a fancy coloured diamond – presenting choices of jewellery, engagement, diamonds, and gemstones. To those with a taste for the exquisite and exclusive, they also offer their one-of-a-kind diamonds on showcase – with unique, colourful and absolutely stunning pieces of jewellery on show. On the other side of the coin, they also list the best deals for fancy coloured diamonds and fancy coloured diamond jewellery on show. If you’re the kind that needs more information before you shop, you can also browse their education section, which will teach you more about the fancy diamonds they have on stock.

Leibish & Co Search Panel

The Leibish & Co website also makes it easy for you to browse and search for your perfect diamond – allowing you to granularly search for fancy diamonds based on their colour, shape, intensity, carat, clarity and price. Once you have found a diamond that interests you, you can self-examine the diamond with their handy diamond viewer – letting you view the diamond in HD and in all 360°. This is essential for any serious diamond buyer as you need to always check the diamond to make sure it is eye-clean and to your liking.

After Sales Service

As one of the industry leaders in the diamond industry, Lebish & Co takes pride in the quality of their fancy coloured diamonds. Each of their diamonds come with a GIA certificate, and is also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. They stand by the quality of their products, and will always ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase!

If you are ordering from a country outside the US, fret not. Leibish & Co offers free shipping to any country in the world. And if you are purchasing a ring for a surprise proposal – worry not! They offer a two-year period for free ring resizing for any ring purchased from their inventory, so you can take a guesstimate of your sweetheart’s ring size, and come back to get it adjusted to your partner’s finger size after they have said yes!


In a world where almost everyone is selling clear, colourless diamonds – Leibish & Co embraces their differences and makes it their speciality. If you are looking for fancy cuts and fancy colours on your diamonds, and the expertise to set those diamonds in complementing jewellery of the right material and beautiful setting – your best choice is definitely Leibish & Co. Their decades of experience in the fancy coloured diamond market is unparalleled, and you will be extremely pleased with their services!

Leibish & Co

9 Leibish & Co


  • Biggest wholesaler of Fancy Coloured Diamonds
  • Expert in setting coloured diamonds
  • Excellent customer service


  • Less options for clear diamonds
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